The Return of the Prodigal Son

Learn the best way to get teenagers to save energy

Energy saving cartoons in support of Bristol Green Capital

Eddy and the return of the prodigal son

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Variable resistor simulation

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Understand how a variable resistor control the power of a light

Maxwell'l right hand rule shows how a current is generated in a field around a current carrying wire.

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Classroom Activities to learn more about energy saving

Discuss things that the children or parents do that uses energy.

Make a list of all the activities that use electricity and discuss where energy is wasted, e.g. water heated and not used, leaving doors open with the heating on etc.

Discuss how things could be done more effeciently such as cooking several meals on one oven.

Joke of the day

I'm not afraid of the dark.

My electricity bills are so big I'm afraid of the light.