Electric Eddy has a Narrow Escape

Don't boiling water you don't need

A narrow escape from certain discharge as Grandma saves the day

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Compare power usage with high and low water levels

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Understand different resistive loads

Maxwell'l right hand rule shows how a current is generated in a field around a current carrying wire.

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Classroom Activities to learn more about energy saving

A typical kettle uses 2000 Watts per hour and has one of the highest electricity power usage rates in a home. If it takes 1 minute to boil one cup of water for tea, how many Watts will be use? This is equivalent to how many electrons like Eddy will be discharged.

Next calculate how many Watts are required to boil 5 cups of water.

An LED bulb may use only 11 Watts per hour. Calculate how long a light could be left on before it uses the same electricity as a kettle full of water.

Make sure children know that boiling water is expensive so only the amount you require to fill the cups should be put in a kettle.

Bad joke for your teacher

With great power comes a big electricity bill.

If you are asked to join the resistance, you should answer "OHM"