Electric Eddy educational science cartoon

Eddy goes green with a some new solar friends

Eddy makes some new friends

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Operate a coin operated meter and fuse box safely

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How current is generated by the field around another current carrying wire

Maxwell'l right hand rule shows how a current is generated in a field around a current carrying wire.

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Current in a wire is measured by current generated in the field around a wire

No need for Eddy to worry about all the work required to power the new electrical equipment that's being installed. It turns out to be a new solar panel that generates lots of new green friends.

Show that electricity meters measure the amount of energy that is being used.

Get the children to ask there parents to show them the meter working. They can turn on and off different equipment to see how the speed changes.

Learn the basics of how an ammeter works. Current in a wire is measured by the flow of current generated in the field around a wire.

Bad joke for your teacher

Is this up to date Sir! You've got to keep it current.